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Youth Voice in Guelph

Engage in Municipal Politics

Have your Say Guelph

  • City website that allows the community to provide input on city projects, policies, and initiatives.
  • Youth are WELCOME and ENCOURAGED to use this website to help shape municipal-level decisions.
  • To engage with the city from this webpage, register for an account and browse current projects.

Delegate at a City Council Meeting

  • Young people are allowed and welcome to appear as delegates (speak at a city council meeting) or send written comments for open meetings of the City Council and the Committee of the Whole.
  • Find a form to sign up to delegate here.

Contact a City Councillor or the Mayor

  • Contact information for city councillors and the mayor to send an email or written letter about an issue you see in your community.

The Guelph Youth Council

  • Find information about the Guelph Youth Council by clicking “Guelph Youth Council” in the menu at the top of this page.

Tips to get involved in your school

  • Go to your school’s annual club fair and join a club or sports team
  • Book a meeting with a guidance counsellor at your school who can point you in the right direction to:
    • Join a club you want to join
    • Start your club with teacher support
    • Find employment or volunteer opportunities
  • Listen to the announcements to hear about events happening in your school
  • Join your student council/student government at your school

Other ways to have your voice heard:

Reach out to local community groups and organizations to see how you can contribute to their organization.